Beauty Bioscience on HSN this Tuesday!

For those of you who have been waiting for Beauty Bioscience to make another appearance on the Home Shopping Network, HSN, we have great news for you today: Beauty Bioscience will be returning to HSN this week, Tuesday, March 5th!

Beauty Bioscience began the new year with several appearances on HSN and we are proud to announce that we will be on this much loved shopping network four times this coming Tuesday.  The first Beauty Bioscience segment will air on Tuesday, March 5th at 3AM, EST and will feature our founder Jamie O’Banion speaking with Carrie Smith about the wonderful line of Beauty Bioscience products.  If you are unable to catch this show, Jamie will be appearing again on the same date at 12PM EST to talk about the Beauty Bioscience line with HSN’s Bobbi Ray Carter.  You will have another chance to catch Beauty Bioscience on HSN at 4PM EST when Jamie speaks with Kathy Wolf.  And if you still did not get enough Beauty Bioscience, you have once last chance to catch us on HSN this day at 9PM EST when Jamie speaks to Suzanne Runyan about our products.

HSN offers a wide array of Beauty Bioscience products including our Balancing Cleanser, Ultimate Moisturizing Cream, 4-in-1 Tinted SPF 30 Primer, Prevent and Perfect Serum, DM Serum, Cellular Renewal Beauty Treatment, Neck and Décolleté 2-Phase Contouring Cream, Daily Neck & Décolleté Cream, and our RetinoSyn-45 Titration Therapy System.  HSN has also carried a customer favorite, the RetinoSyn-45 Introductory System which includes a full sized RetinoSyn-45 Treatment with introductory sizes of our Balancing Cleanser, Ultimate Moisturizing Cream, and 4-in-1 Tinted SPF 30.  The RetinoSyn-45 Introductory System is a convenient way for HSN shoppers to several items in the Beauty Bioscience line, including our award winning and much loved RetinoSyn-45 Treatment, at an excellent price.

If you are a long time fan of Beauty Bioscience or newly interested in the Beauty Bioscience line, you will not want to miss Jamie O’Banion’s appearance on HSN ths week! Don’t forget, you can see Jamie talk about our fabulous line of skin care products this Tuesday, March 5th at 3AM, 12PM, 4PM, and 9PM EST on the Home Shopping Network.

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Product Spotlight: RetinoSyn-DM Plus Serum

Those of you who have recently completed the Beauty Bioscience RetinoSyn-45 treatment might be wondering what your next step is in maintaining your beautiful new youthful looking skin.  The product we are featuring in our product spotlight series today will answer that exact question.  For those of you who finished up your RetinoSyn-45 series, your next step is our RetinoSyn-DM Plus Serum.

The RetinoSyn-DM Plus Serum plays a critical role in Titration Therapy.  After using RetinoSyn-45 you have helped turn on cellular functions that begin to turn off as you age. Your skin will continue to improve for a period of time even after your treatment as you have ignited your skin’s own “engines” to help them perform at an increased capacity.  The DM Plus Serum maximizes the activity occurring in your skin after a RtinoSyn-45 treatment to not only maintain your results but continue to improve the appearance of your skin.  Without using the DM Pus Serum, your skin will eventually go back to it’s previous state and will not be able to achieve its maximum potential during your future RetinoSyn treatments.  Daily use of Beauty Bioscience’s DM Plus ensures lasting dramatic results and should be used each evening in between twice yearly RetinoSyn-45 treatments.

Vitamin A is most effective when given in larger, staged doses or using a lower concentration and delivered daily. The Daily Maintenance serum provides a small daily dose of the powerful active to help maintain and even improve results from RetinoSyn-45 treatment kit.

Just as muscle strength must be increased and maintained through regular exercise, your skin must receive continuous nourishment and stimulation to maintain and improve its appearance.  After boosting with RetinoSyn-45, your skin is prepared to accept the highly active ingredients contained in the DM Plus Serum and regular usage will maintain and improve the results achieved through RetionSyn-45.  The DM Plus Serum contains our proprietary LPA Complex ™ to help dramatically improve skin tone evenness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

To use the Beauty Bioscience RetinoSyn DM Plus Serum, apply a pea-sized amount of serum evenly to face each night avoiding direct contact with eyes. Product can be used around the eye and lip areas and may also be used underneath our Ultimate Moisturizing Cream. Recommended for use in between boosts with RetinoSyn-45 kits. Best results are achieved using once a day in the evening.

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